• paper2web is ready! - Nov 13 2014, 12:05

    Our successful flash solution [BlaetterKatalog] will be replaced by the new development [paper2web].
    [paper2web] provides many new functions and is based entirely on HTML5. This makes it possible for you to ensure full use of your catalogues on all terminal devices.
    Test our demo catalogues here.

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paper2web, the idea


Your marketing department has decided long ago as to how your products need to be optimally "presented".
All you need is the PDF data of your printed catalogue / magazine - no other additional effort is involved in the online paper2web.

With paper2web, your existing catalogues, brochures, promotional flyers and other printed products can be easily browsed online on the Internet using the mouse. In doing so, the output on the Internet corresponds exactly to that of the print template. But not just this, paper2web offers a lot more: Direct access to the shop, innovative add-on modules like bookmarks, watchlist, recommendation function etc., including the integration of dynamic data, is possible and provide the basis for efficient online marketing.

For your customers, this implies maximum user-friendliness through simple and appealing navigation, interactivity and fun by innovatively presenting the usual print media.
Your benefit: High level of customer satisfaction, innovative way of presenting the company and products and efficient online marketing. It is also quick and easy to implement and is tailored to suit your individual requirements.